We Are...
We are hungry for opportunity and bob and weave to get where we aspire to be. We embrace change. Our trust in each other fuels our efficiency and empowers us.
We thrive on good communication and transparent, clear, and kind candor. Each of us manages up, down and sideways. Meetings are marked by a variety of voices and strengthened by multiple points of view.
We embody the entrepreneurial spirit we were built on. We are resourceful and scrappy. Our vision is clear and we believe we can forge our own path. We understand that only hard work precedes the sweetest victories.
We are eager to ask questions and always ready to be proactive. We ask how we can do something better, faster, and more purposefully. We're on a never-ending mission to absorb knowledge and to better understand the world GMG sits in.
We find purpose in what we do and our passion for the work drives us. Even in the face of challenges, our dedication to our mission remains the same. We believe when you are passionate about your craft that passion becomes contagious.
We believe hard work and having fun are not mutually exclusive. We see each day as a new opportunity to bring joy to our teams, our readers, and our clients.
We exist at the intersection of empathy, friendliness, and care. We wholeheartedly believe that the most important thing is how we make others feel. Kindness leads to trust. Trust leads to speed.
Above all, we are enthusiastically supportive of each other. We inspire one another daily and are cheerleaders for each member of our team and across each department, because we know how hard the work can be. Our collaboration drives our success: one team, one dream.
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